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Having examined many Home Business models over particularly the last 10 years, we can say without any hesitation, that DubLi has the most exciting, innovative and potentially lucrative vehicle to produce a TRUE PASSIVE RESUDUAL income that we have seen.

Here are a few Business Tips we have picked up along the way ...

1) Treat this like a business and it will pay you like a business. The secret of success is to always stay in 'production' mode.

2) Your goal is to build a strong and growing foundation of Licensees on which a virally growing customer base will be established. This is the key to long term passive residual income.

3) Not all Licensees will grow to your expectations. You are looking for a small team of committed people who know what it takes to get this done.

4) Learn to control your thoughts. If you knew the power of 'negative thinking' you wouldn’t dare have one negative thought. Stay away from negative people. Is what they say based on knowledge of the full picture and on actual experience?

5) Educate yourself completely on all the aspects of DubLi. Attend and watch the webinars, read the websites - listen to what successful Licensees say, learn the ' language of this business'  - your posture will improve and your certainty will attract others.

6) Fast is better than slow - It is not the time you spend - it is how much energy you apply. Get your business into MOMENTUM as soon as possible and don't stop. This will ignite your teams belief. passion and enthusiasm.

7) Study human behaviour, learn how to uncover people’s needs. People don’t care what you know, they want to know that you care.

The difference between winning and being average and ordinary is small. The winning edge is mental toughness.

And lastly  NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP ...

Enjoy the ride ......

Wishing You every SUCCESS in your DubLi business.

 Dean and Brigitte



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